The errata below were found and fixed on the date noted. Patterns bought online after that date are the corrected version. If you have pre-2012 version of a pattern with our old logo, and believe there is a mistake, contact us at infoATkirakdesignsDOTcom to get the updated version.


Bell Curve Skirt 2/2/17  Round 4 of Star Stitch was incorrect.

Round 4: k2, *Make Small Star, k1, repeat from * to last st, slip remaining st to right needle, remove marker, replace st on left needle, Make Small Star, replacing marker after 1st st of star.


Interlaced Cowl 4/7/13  There were a couple small mistakes in the Interlaced Stitch chart (please email me to get an updated version), but the written instructions were correct except for Round 25, which had a small mistake in the written instructions:

Round 25: *k1, p6, k1, p1, k4, p1, repeat from * to last 14 sts, k1, p6, k1, p1, k4, leave last st on needle.


Interlaced Mitts 3/10/14  Round 17 of the Interlaced Panel was correct on the chart, but had a mistake in the written instructions.

Round 17: [T2R, p1] twice, k2, [p1, T2L] twice.


Odysseus the Octopus 6/5/17  Row 26 had an incorrect stitch count, it should be 19 sts. Row 28 had an incorrect stitch count, it should be 10 sts. Row 29 should read:

        Row 29: with MC, *p1, sl1 purlwise wyib, repeat from * to last 2 sts, p2.


Svelte Cowl 2/12/13  Row 6 & 7 were correct in written instructions, but wrong on the chart. The cable should be on row 7, not on row 6.


Trinity Shawl  4/14/13   Row 74 was correct on chart, but had a typo in written version.  

Row 74: k2, sl m, [yo, k2, yo, k1, *yo, k2, sk2p, k2, yo, k1, repeat from * until 3 sts before next marker, yo, k2, yo, k1, sl m] 3 times, k1. 249 sts.

Row 8 of chart was missing first yarn-over.  Row 8 written instructions were correct.